We are a feline retirement home located in Dallas/Fort Worth. We provide life-long love, vet care, and comfort for forgotten and abandoned cats throughout the United States.

Thank you for finding us. We can’t do this alone! We are where we are today because of loyal followers like you!

Our focus is on the positive aspects of having a senior pet. In addition to seniors, we also take in younger special needs cats, as space and financial ability allow. While adoption isn’t our main focus (as we aim to be the forever home of any cat that comes to live with us), we do adopt out to the right families.

Attitudes and behaviors can change… bodies become frail and start to betray them. But they are our family, and we promised them forever. Whether it’s a day, a month, a couple of years, we care for each and every cat and give them the very best in tasty food, medicine, and comfort.